Million-Dollar Homes in Santa Clarita

When you’re shopping in the iconic California community of Santa Clarita, you’re shopping in a market that has relatively high price tags. It also has a lot of appeal, and you’ll see it heat up over and over again!


People move here from all around the country. They come from big cities and small towns. They might come from as far away as the eastern seaboard, or from small communities in the Midwest. In some of these places, homes start at around $150,000.


In and around Santa Clarita, this is not the case. This upscale community has homes that hold their value at much higher prices.


Proximity to Greater Los Angeles


Part of the appeal of Santa Clarita and nearby Castaic is the short distance that you have to travel to get to places like Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley area.


While these smaller communities are nestled in natural areas, they are only a stone’s throw from places like Sherman Oaks and Ventura.


With such good proximity to all of the iconic Los Angeles urban areas that they are near, these communities are unique ways to have your cake and eat it too – to enjoy being close to the city, but also have the unique vistas and natural landscapes of less populated areas.


That’s just one part of what people enjoy about buying in this local market. We know all about the draw that these neighborhoods exercise on shoppers, and we can introduce you to Santa Clarita and its environs from a position of inside knowledge and real estate acumen. 


Big Houses


Many of our listings are for houses starting around $1 million.


Whether the address is Castaic or Santa Clarita or other nearby municipalities, you’ll see these homes on the market for something like $900,000 or above.


Many of these homes are over 2500 square feet in size. Some of them range even higher. You also want to make sure to look at things like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to see what suits your needs.


Basically, you can’t go wrong with high-end real estate around Castaic and Santa Clarita. With attractions like Six Flags (and its numerous adjacent parks), the local area is vibrant, and this is a great place to settle if you are relocating to Southern California.


You’re also in good hands with the Marcel Cuschieri Group, and with a realtor that knows Santa Clarita quite well. With our long history of experience in the area, we can show you the inside scoop on properties and help you to make those choices that get you closer to your dream home. Get some data from our web site, and get connected to tour some of these beautiful properties! 


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