Three Types Of Santa Clarita Homes

What do you get on the local market in Santa Clarita when you’re looking for your next dream home?

Today, let’s talk about a few different sorts of options that you have when you’re shopping this local market.

First of all, Santa Clarita and Castaic are classy places to live. You’re going to look at a lot of fashionable high-end properties with nicely maintained roofing and exteriors.

You’re going to find a lot of move-in ready properties that are very impressive at a showing.

But beyond that, here’s what you may be looking for in the local area.

Smaller Footprints

Some buyers are looking for homes on the lower end of the market that have a smaller footprint, let’s say 1500 square feet. Here, you’re often going to see homes anywhere between, say, $500,000 to $750,000.

You may or may not have two bathrooms, and more than two bedrooms, but for two people, a smaller house like this will fit the bill.

Moderately Sized Homes

When you get toward your 2800-3000 square feet, the price tag often moves toward the million dollar mark.

You’re probably going to have higher numbers of bedrooms, and more capacity for a larger family. This is perfect for a family that’s growing, or for people who want to be able to host a higher number of guests from time to time.

The Ranch

Then you have your much larger properties that command higher real estate prices.

One of these ranch-style properties situated in Santa Clarita or Castaic or local areas around the San Fernando Valley will often have dozens of acres and a larger home footprint, perhaps above 3000 square feet. 

They may also have fancy appurtenances, too, to demarcate property lines and other kinds of big amenities.

These are going to often push toward $4 million to $5 million in price.

It’s important to think about which category represents your home search in order to figure out financing and everything else. Unless you’re paying cash for one of these properties, you want to be able to comfortably handle the monthly mortgage payment. You’ll also want to think about where you’re commuting to, for example, Burbank or other parts of the upper Los Angeles area.

Regardless of your needs, Santa Clarita is a great local market. Nestled among green spaces, it has good access to the San Fernando Valley and everything else nearby including Hollywood and other iconic Los Angeles communities.

All of those are reasons to go with Marcel Cuschieri Group for excellent assistance with your real estate search. We are knowledgeable about the Santa Clarita area, and able to get you further toward your next dream home. Ask us about what the local market looks like right now, and how you can use that to your advantage in home shopping.