Not Just Bedrooms and Bathrooms

When it comes time to value a property, what you hear depends, to some extent, on who you’re talking to.


That’s true in a lot of different contexts, too. Maybe you are actually looking to sell a home, or maybe you’re just curious about something that you saw on Zillow. Maybe you’re bringing it up just as a matter of basic economics, or maybe you have your eye on a particular property…


In either case, you might hear some of the sloppier logic around home pricing, depending on who you are around.


The Basics


Have you ever asked somebody about the value of a property and had them say that it’s mostly down to the number of bedrooms and bathrooms?


Well, that may have been more true in past markets or certain suburban or rural markets where there are not a lot of other value criteria.


But it’s not the whole picture when it comes to specific high-end properties, and that includes the beautiful homes and the vibrant neighborhoods that we sell in the Santa Clarita valley.


Other Factors


Aside from just bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage, many of these properties are valued according to their overall environment.


For a visual idea of how this works, just click on the website and check out some of these high-profile properties. You’ll see that they sell partly based on a unique ambiance, a set of characteristics that goes beyond utility.


You don’t just buy for the school district, either. You buy for the location and the curb appeal of the home. You buy for your proximity to other high-end properties. You buy, of course, according to a lot size and the type of lot that it is – whether it’s a smooth, broad expanse or a series of slopes and grades.


This is just some of the additional thought that you have to put into a comparative valuation here in the Santa Clarita Valley or in many other local markets. Doing this means knowing an area well – and understanding the complex factors that come into play.


Technology Tools


Having said that, you can skip a lot of the guesswork and send your property address to the Marcel Cuschieri Group to get an expert evaluation that’s based on real criteria and complex analysis.


Or you can click the other button and submit a form, so we can talk about your real estate search!


The Marcel Cuschieri group has been extremely instrumental in helping people find their dream homes in Santa Clarita and surrounding areas. Don’t leave anything to chance! 

Go with the pros, and you’ll find yourself much closer to “California dreamin’” and your dream home. We’ll treat you well and help you to navigate this market – well, like a pro.




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