Closing Day: What Homebuyers Need To Know

Closing day is a nerve-wracking experience for most homebuyers. It can be overwhelming and stressful if you don’t know what to expect or how the process works.

Knowing what documents need signing, money that needs exchanging, and other things to look out for can help ensure closing day goes smoothly. A realtor in Hollywood, CA, can easily guide you through this process.

The following are some things homebuyers need to know about closing day.

What is Closing Day?

Closing day is the final step in the home buying process when the buyer and seller come together to complete all necessary paperwork and exchanges. Generally, this happens after a buyer’s offer has been accepted, inspections have been completed, and financing has been secured.

Closing day is usually held at an attorney’s office or title company, or it may be conducted virtually. Having a realtor in Hollywood, CA, by your side can take the stress out of closing day.

Documents Need To Be Signed On Closing Day

On closing day, you and the seller must sign several documents. These documents will effectively transfer ownership of the property in question.

These documents include the following:

Purchase Agreement: This contract outlines the agreement between you and the seller, including the purchase price, closing date, and other details.

  • Mortgage Note: This document states that you borrow money from a lender to purchase the home.
  • Mortgage Deed: This document records your mortgage payment agreement with the lender and proves their claim on the property.
  • Title Report: This report confirms that the seller owns the title to the property and is transferring it to you.
  • Closing Disclosure Statement: This statement summarizes all costs associated with the closing, including taxes and fees.
  • Property Deed: This document confirms that you are the home’s legal owner.

Your realtor in Hollywood, CA, can help ensure all required documents are signed correctly and provide any additional information or advice to make your closing day successful.

Know When Your Mortgage Payments Begin

A clear understanding of when your mortgage payments begin is essential for closing day. Most lenders require the first payment to be made within 30 days after closing, so planning ahead is important. To ensure you know when and how much you need to pay, it’s best to consult with your realtor in Hollywood, CA, before closing day.   

Be Aware Of Closing Day Costs

On closing day, it’s important to be aware of any additional costs associated with the transaction. These costs include loan origination fees, recording fees, title search fees, mortgage insurance premiums, taxes, and more. 

Depending on your location, these costs can vary significantly. It’s important to understand all additional costs before closing day.

Make Closing Day Easy With a Realtor in Hollywood, CA!

You can avoid problems on closing day with an experienced realtor in Hollywood, CA, by your side. We are here to help you get through this process.



How to Sell Your House Quickly and For a Higher Profit

As a homeowner, you could be in great haste to sell your house for a higher profit. There are so many scenarios that will make you decide to sell your home. You could be nearing retirement and need cash to put into your retirement account, you’re no longer happy with your location, or need a larger house for your growing family.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to sell, there are critical steps that you can take to ensure the process goes smoothly. Let’s explore the techniques you should apply to make selling your home less daunting.


Organize and Declutter

A cluttered home is unappealing to a prospective buyer and could decrease your chances of selling your home as quickly as possible. One important strategy you should keep in mind is to make your home pristine to buyers whenever they come for a home viewing. 

Start this strategy by organizing and decluttering your home. Keep in storage family pictures, clothing, shoes, electronics, and other items cluttering up your space. You also need to organize your closets in each room. 

Also, remember to clean your home from top to bottom to make your place presentable to a buyer. Be sure to clean all the bathrooms, basement, kitchen, and other rooms in your home.


Perform Repairs

Make a note of the indoor and outdoor issues of your home that you need to renovate. You may have loose tiles in your bathroom and kitchen or leaky faucets that you have to repair. Make sure you perform essential repairs before your home viewing. 


Get a Realtor

Selling your home can be challenging during a pandemic. A natural disaster or even a pandemic like COVID-19 may interfere with your home selling process. The process of listing and selling your house on the market is less overwhelming if you have a realtor to assist you. Using the valuable services of a realtor comes in handy when you want to avoid certain obstacles that may inhibit the home selling process.

A professional realtor knows how to make negotiations and do the paperwork on your behalf. Hiring a realtor is a practical option that you should consider to facilitate the way you sell your home.

Are you sure you’re making the right decision to sell your house? 

Selling your home should not take up too much of your time. You could be in a hurry to list your home on the market and to move on with your life. Fortunately, you have the convenience to rely on the services of a reputable realtor with 25 years of expertise and knowledge in Canyon Country.

Reach out to us today to learn how we can assist you with the exceptional realtor services that you’re looking for.

Three Types of Buyers

With years of experience in the Santa Clarita Valley and surrounding areas, we at Marcel Cuschieri Group have a very detailed knowledge of the local real estate market. But along the way, you also get some insight into the philosophy of real estate buying and selling, and the logistics of how deals work.

Here we’ll talk about three different kinds of buyers we deal with on a regular basis as we put together the best transactions for both real estate sellers and buyers in Santa Clarita.

Living In

The first category of buyer is simply looking for a cool new crib, or in other words, a primary residence.

Actually, “primary residence” can be a little deceptive. These days, lots of high net worth individuals have more than one home scattered around different areas of the country. So while someone may say that they’re looking for a home in California, they might mean a primary residence, or they might mean a second or third home, or a vacation home or a fair weather home. We don’t delve too deeply into this, because it’s their business. What we do is show them the best local real estate in a curated way with the professionalism that you’d expect when you’re shopping a particular real estate market.


This category of buyer tends to be a lot less serious about what they’re doing.

You can often see it from the very beginning. As you ask and answer questions, you can just tell that they don’t have a very concrete sense of what they’re doing. Some of these individuals will be “amazed” by every property, but more into the idea of a piece of real estate than an actual sale.

We’re not judging this category of buyers – in fact, these looky-loos can eventually end up making a deal. This isn’t the kind of thing where you’re forced to buy something after a given amount of time. It’s a different market where people have to know where their hearts are at as they shop, and that can be a long-term process.


This third class of buyer is all business. Again, you can tell most times, as soon as you show them a couple properties.

Investors are less interested in glamour, and much more attuned to the core value of a property – the bones of a building and the working systems instead of the bells and whistles and amenities. Some of these investors are looking to fix and flip – others are operating rentals. Whatever they’re doing, you know they can count on us for solid real estate help and advice and the Santa Clarita Valley area.

Check out our website for more.




Signs You Are Ready to Buy a Property in Our Housing Inventory

In the past year, over 439,000 homes were sold in the state of California. Approximately half of the citizens in California rent the living space they reside in. If you have been renting a home or apartment for years, you know how restricting this living arrangement can be. The average consumer uses renting an apartment or home as a temporary solution. 

First time homebuyers are generally unsure about what this process involves. While buying a home can be stressful and time-consuming, you can make this process easier with some professional help. By working with the Marcel Cuschieri Group, you can find and purchase the home of your dreams. Here are signs you might notice when it is time to buy a home of your own.  

Your Financial Situation is Stable

When applying for a mortgage loan, you will have to quickly familiarize yourself with terms like debt-to-income ratio and closing costs. One of the first things you need to do before going out in search of a home to purchase is to get pre-approved for a mortgage. A lender will check your credit score to see if you are a good candidate for a loan. If you have recently paid off tons of debt and boosted your credit score, then you are probably going to have no problem getting approved for a mortgage loan. 

Mortgage lenders will also want to know how long you have been at your current job. This information tells the lender how stable your financial situation is. The longer you have been at your current job, the better your chances will be of getting the loan approval you desire. 

You Know Where You Want To Settle

With all of the great cities to live in the state of California, choosing the right area to settle in can be difficult. If you have done your homework and are confident in the area you want to settle in, then it is time to contact a member of our team. 

If you feel like Burbank is a good area for you and your family, you should check out this affordable three-bedroom, three-bathroom property in our housing inventory. This tri-level townhouse is over 1700 square feet. It is also located mere miles away from some of the best shopping, dining and park venues in all of Burbank. 

A Good Down Payment Comes in Handy

Another important factor you need to consider when trying to assess if you are ready to buy a home is the amount of money you have to use as a down payment. While there are some loan programs that don’t require a down payment, you will usually pay more for these loans in the long run. If you want to buy a luxurious property, like this move-in-ready home located in Saugus, CA, you need a good down payment. With a good down payment, you can actually lower the monthly mortgage payment you have to make. 

Buying the home of your dreams will be much easier with the help of the Marcel Cuschieri Group.